Our Philosophy

About Neo-Humanistic Education

The philosophy of “Neo-Humanism” was created by P.R. Sarkar to expand the spirit of humanism (love for all human beings) to encompass a love and compassion for the whole creation (all beings in this universe). This philosophy includes the recognition that all beings are deeply interconnected and are each a unique expression of infinite consciousness.

At New Day School, we describe the development of the being in terms of Movement — Awareness — Awakening. The NHE philosophy and curriculum helps one develop the ongoing practice of directing one’s thoughts and actions (Movement) toward a magnanimous and benevolent understanding and interaction with the world (Awareness). The practice of this philosophy culminates in the deeper realization of one’s inner truth and altruistic love for creation (Awakening).

On the basis of this philosophy, Neo-Humanistic Education emphasizes the importance of developing the whole child in order that he/she may realize his/her highest potential. Lessons bring to children, parents and teachers practical knowledge and expansive ideas to ponder. Through the blending of yoga and meditation practice, artistic expression, sustainable practices, intellectual exploration, ethical values and service, the Neo-Humanistic curriculum helps children see interconnections and develop deep love and respect for all.

“Education is perfect knowledge of what I am and what I should do.”

— P.R. Sarkar, Founder of Ananda Marga and Neo-Humanist Education

Ethical Values

January: Non-harming
February: Simple Living
March: Cleanliness
April: Contentment
May: Service/”Helping Hands”
June: Uplifting Stories
July: Nature Study
August: Nature Study
September: Introduction/Rhythm
October: Inner Light
November: Benevolent Truthfulness
December: Sharing

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