Policies and Procedures

Inclement weather

In cases of inclement weather, New Day School follows Portland Public School’s policy for closures as a general guideline. You can also subscribe to PPS’ Flash Alerts.

Please also be sure to check our Facebook page for updates.

Illnesses and absences

If your child is sick with fever, flu, vomiting, diarrhea or something else terrible that you wouldn’t want to share, please don’t send him/her to school. The State of Oregon Health Department requires them to stay home for 24-48 hours before returning to school.

Parent involvement

Parents’ participation in their child’s school life not only reinforces that they value him/her and have interest in his/her learning; it also aids and enriches the program New Day offers. At New Day School, each family participates in the school as part of our Parent Work Hour (PWH) program. Volunteer opportunities are as vast as the potential of each community member and range from washing laundry and construction projects to arts and event planning to fundraising and advisory roles.

PWH commitment required per quarter, based on your child’s attendance:

  • 5 days/week – 10 hours/ quarter
  • 3 days/week – 6 hours/quarter
  • 2 days/week – 4 hours/quarter

Events & Food Policy

New Day School holds various all school events, at least one per season, with family participation encouraged.

For potlucks and food sharing, please bring ONLY sentient, vegan, non-allergenic food:

  • Sentient food: No garlic, onions, meat, fish, eggs, mushrooms.
  • Vegan food: Only vegetarian and no milk products or eggs.
  • Non-allergenic: No peanuts.

Please remember to bring your own table service (plate, fork, etc.) for picnics & potlucks.

Food which is harmful for the mind and may or may not be good for the body include: onion, garlic, mushrooms, meat, fish, eggs, wine, stale or rotten food. New Day School Food Policy (PDF).

Questions and concerns

We welcome your thoughts and questions at any time. Please consider that during drop off and pick up we may be engaged with tending to the children’s needs; you may want to call or email our office.

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