Board of Directors

Didi Ananda Krsnapriya, Director, Board of Directors

Also known as “Didi” which means elder sister, she has been a yogic nun and meditation teacher for 40 years. Didi has served as teacher and director of Neo-Humanist Schools all over the world, including Ghana, South Africa, Denmark, Australia and Jamaica. With 40 years in education, she is known to bring the joy of yoga, meditation, gardening, singing, art and aesthetics to the classroom. As a mentor to her teachers, Didi encourages lifelong learning and integrated personal development in all her staff. Didi has been inspired by healthy living practice and the yogic lifestyle since she was a young girl and decided to dedicate her life to the practice of self-realization and service as a nun in 1978. Didi has served as director of New Day School as well as chair of the school’s Board of Directors for more than 17 years, and is a founding member of KALA, a nonprofit organization serving the advancement of art and education.

Atandra Didi, Enrollment Director, Board of Directors

Atandra was born and educated in Mumbai, India, and has been involved in Ananda Marga her entire life. In 1991, Atandra became an Ananda Marga missionary, teaching yoga, meditation, holistic living as well as doing relief work and supervising & teaching in schools and orphanages all over India and the US. Atandra has a passion for vegetarian cooking that she loves to share with the New Day School community. She is a talented henna artist with a keen ability to impart Indian philosophical knowledge.

Maitri Ersson, Treasurer, Board of Directors

Maitri was born in the Philippines and moved to Portland in 1990. She became involved with New Day School and for the next 17 years, she handled the finances of the school. In 2007, her husband and she started Kailash Ecovillage, an intentional community devoted to sustainable practices. She currently serves on the board as the treasurer and helps out in the office. New Day School is Maitri’s second home, and she views her work at the school as an opportunity to express her gratitude towards Baba, aka P.R. Sarkar, the founder of Ananda Marga and Neo-Humanist Education, for showing her the path to real happiness.

Administration & Facilities

Krishna, Curriculum Director

Krishna began his missionary life at the early age of 16; during his training he studied Yoga, Meditation, and Neo-Humanist philosophy and its practices. Krishna has spent time conducting research and sharing Neo-humanist philosophy and spiritual practices throughout India. In 2012, he came to Portland to work for KALA, a non-profit dedicated to promoting art and education, which he co-founded with Jiivapriya. Recognizing his dedication, passion, and knowledge of Neo-Humanist philosophy and practices, the New Day School Board of Directors appointed Krishna as curriculum director. Krishna is now joyfully engaged in creating Neo-Humanist curriculum for New Day School.

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