Plant Sale 

Spring is the time of year when many of us think of planting flowers, vegetables, seeds, and starts. Every April, New Day School has its very important plant sale to raise funds for our gardening year.  One year we purchased our “orange” greenhouse using the profits from this fundraiser; other years the money has assisted with garden upkeep.  The 2012 plant sale helped New Day School in developing an irrigation plan for the garden — Gardener Suzanne designed a drip irrigation system, with rain barrels and cisterns, for watering our whole yard.

Donate to New Day School

A donation to New Day School helps support our mission to educate young children and unveil the innate greatness within each individual in order to strengthen the foundation of ethics which inspires benevolent action in the world. Past funds have been used for projects such as expanding the outdoor playscape and replacing an aging play structure.

To make a donation, please contact us in person at our office located at 1825 SE Clinton Street, Portland, OR 97202; by phone at 503-231-7425; or by email at

Thank you!