Circle Crop



We start our day with morning circle, consisting of verses, nursery rhymes, songs, and circle games often based on a seasonal theme.  Using song, rhyme, movement and dance, children learn about weather, animals, nature and craft (cooking, building, cleaning, etc.). Morning circle incorporates language acquisition, fine and gross motor skills, creative exploration and self-discipline through play.

The morning circle is then followed by a period of free play and a guided activity – baking, painting, drumming, cleaning and other focused hand work.  Many of the classroom materials are handmade and come from nature, with an emphasis on objects that have multiple uses and stimulate imaginative play.  In our 4-to-5-year-old classrooms, “academic choice” materials build upon foundational concepts in math, art, science, language, writing and practical life with hands-on exploration.

Daily outdoor time, rain or shine, in New Day’s expansive play yard and gardens, provides opportunity for the children to explore and imagine in a natural setting. Natural playscape, sturdy climbing structures and bountiful gardens create many playful options and challenges for the children.

:: Please note as of June 16th, 2014, school opens at 8:00 a.m. ::

Daily Rhythm
8:00 School opens. Arrival, welcome & greetings by teacher(s) in the classroom. Morning focused activity/works or freeplay.
8:45 Clean up and gather for Morning Circle
9:00 Morning Circle
9:30 Snack
10:00 MahaVidya (Stargarden/Skylark) -Planned activities and free play

10:00 Kishalaya (Sunsong/Phoenix/Waterlily) – Outdoor time
11:00 MahaVidya (Stargarden/Skylark) -Outdoor time
11:00 Kishalaya (Sunsong/Phoenix/Waterlily) – Planned activities and free play
12:00 Lunch
12:30 Transition to rest time and story time
1:00 Children’s rest time

2:00 Afternoon Activity
2:30 Snack/clean up
3:00 Outside play
4:30 Evening program and circle (late fall through spring)
5:30 School Closed