Cob Building


In 1976, a few members of a social-spiritual movement, Ananda Marga, aspired to create a place for children to learn through the Neo-Humanist model in education: New Day School was born.  The first preschool program featuring yoga and meditation began in the basement of a co-housing “yoga house” in Northeast Portland in 1976 with 6 students.  In 1979, New Day School became a registered non-profit and was established in its current 1825 SE Clinton building and play yard.

Over the past 35+ years New Day has continued to enhance the school and outdoor space. New Day purchased a nearby Victorian house for teacher and staff housing, added classrooms and developed its yard and playspace.  Gardens and fruit trees have been added to the landscape and a beautiful natural earthen cob building was built as a sanctuary and special classroom.

In 2008, New Day purchased the Mahavidya building and play yard next door allowing the school to grow to its current capacity serving up to 80 children per day.  New Day School is an ever changing entity bound by a single mission.  The parents provide the backbone of the school, volunteering countless hours in service, from washing of laundry to building beautiful play structures.  The teachers and staff are the life blood of New Day, giving their time, heart and commitment to growing themselves and the children they serve.  The heart and soul of New Day are the children, bringing joy and the thirst for knowledge and life into the heartbeat of the school.  Our history is one shared with more than 30 years of teachers, staff, families, friends, supporters and children who have made New Day the fruitful environment that it is today and will be for many years to come.