New Day School‘s curriculum is based on the Neo-Humanist Education system, founded by the renowned Indian philosopher and social revolutionary P.R. Sarkar.  This education system nurtures the physical, mental and spiritual well being of the child through the direct experience of the harmonious blend of activities of yoga and meditation, artistic expressions, sustainable practices, intellectual exploration, development of ethical values and selfless service.  We recognize the human being as an intellectual being with a core of spiritual wisdom; and we acknowledge that we evolve and are driven by the longing for greatness, which is the deeper underlying current of our lives.

Core principles of Neo Humanist education:  
Principle 1:  Knowledge of self and world for universal welfare
Principle 2:  Integrated personal development
Principle 3:  Independent thinking and problem solving encompassing social equality and justice for all living beings
Principle 4: Visionary universal outlook
Principle 5:  Resiliency and creativity facing challenges
Principle 6:  Maintaining ecological balance
Principle 7:  Ethical values:  knowledge of self and world for universal welfare, the alignment of  thoughts, words and action, benevolent rational intellect and action, service, simple living, internal & external cleanliness, contentment, and the recognition of the interconnected relationship of all beings.
Principle 8:  Art for service, creative expansion, and spiritual awakening